Will my photos be posted online?


Absolutely not! The default to EVERY boudoir session is private! The only time your photos will be posted online is if after your session you sign a release and hand pick which photos you allow being posted!

I have never done anything like this before, how will I know what to do?!


This is my ENTIRE job! Making you feel comfortable, all while guiding you and posing you the entire time! From your hands to your feet to your face, I will tell you what to do the entire time!


How much is a session?

Because every session is customized to every client , I always do video consults to go over pricing and details! My session fee is $295, and then after that albums start at $1100, and digitals start at $1250. To give you an idea, most clients spend between $1395- $3595 total including products and/or digitals! Want to talk more in depth? Schedule a video consult!


Brooklyn Boudoir Photographer

Where do your sessions take place?


NYC Boudoir Photographer

At my Brooklyn boudoir studio located in Williamsburg!


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! To be honest, most of my clients do some sort of payment plan, so we can definitely customize something that will work for you!


I am doing this as a gift! When should I schedule my session?

Ideally we would want to do your session 6-8 weeks from when you want your album/prints in your hand! So if you are getting married in August and want this as a wedding gift, we would want to do your session in May to early June to allow time for your products to come in! I also schedule a month or two out, so it really is never too early to start planning!

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