Boudoir sessions are WAY more than just pretty photos. If you have seen boudoir photos on instagram, or heard of friends doing their own boudoir session and wondered  “why??” I am here to give you 5 good AF reasons! And then once you are done reading this, I promise you’ll want to book a session here at my studio in NYC (Brooklyn to be exact 🙌) ASAP.

  1. These sessions are FUN

I promise you will have a TON of laughs and a damn good time at your boudoir session!! Despite the sexy pouty looks gracing most of my photos, there are lots of laughs to be had, and I will even capture those smiles and include them in your gallery! 🙃

2. THE CONFIDENCE BOOST. Seriously, you’ll feel bad AF 🔥

If you ever doubted your sexiness, or if you need some physical proof that you’re a bad babe, I will give you exactly that!! The entire session I won’t just be your photographer, but I will be your personal cheerleader and probably shower you with more compliments than you even want 😹 and after…when you see those finished photos…GIRL. You will be walking the streets like the damn model you are!

3. These make amazing unique gifts for your significant other!

Whether you are getting married and want to stun your partner with the godess he’s about to marry, or you need a unque Christmas gift these photos will NOT dissapoint! I offer amazing products and keepsakes for you to wrap up and hand give. Trust me. You will be the best gift giver everrrrr.

4. It’s a day of pampering!

With every session, you get professional hair and makeup (with lashes of course) so you get to be full glam all day, even after your session is over! So after your session you are ready to slay date night, girls night out, or spend the evening at home looking boujee and taking selfies! 

5. These sessions are EMPOWERING.

These days, girls are rising up! We are kicking ass and taking names! Owning your confidence, and being your own kind of sexy is SO EMPOWERING. I have done over 100 boudoir sessions over the past 3 years, and one of the biggest things my girls say to me when they are finished is they feel so EMPOWERED and that to me is the most bad ass feeling!

Believe me when I tell you, you will not regret doing a boudoir session! I promise you will leave my studio feeling all of these things and probably more!